Summer Camp Finland


A lifetime educational experience for 8-16 year old International children!

Imagine taking your children or students to one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world. The air is clear and fresh, tap water is drinkable and the atmosphere is safe and peaceful. In summer, campers can pick berries, mushrooms and herbs from the forest. In winter, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and skating are activities that your child will not forget.

Our camps and School Visits are designed for school children ages between 8-18 from all around the world. Through variety of activities, workshops and adventures, the campers get to learn many new useful skills.

Our SUMMER CAMP FINLAND offers a curriculum which is aimed to raise the awareness of the sustainability issues in today’s World. We will have workshops focusing on cleantech topics such as air quality, clean water, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling. We are also looking into sustainable food production, climate change, carbon footprint and responsible consumption.

Team work and activities are also on top of our daily program. The children will be held lessons on lifesaving skills, putting out a fire as well as basic survival skills. They will play team sports, learn to row a boat, canoeing, making a campfire, hiking, cycling, swimming and much more. The children will be encouraged to work together towards a common goal, learn social skills and feel the joy for succeeding.

As we are in Finland, the children will have a chance to go to pick berries, herbs and mushrooms in the nearby nature and try fishing on a lake. Most importantly, the children will participate in a Finnish SAUNA SCHOOL!

The other benefits of the camps are learning to communicate in English, learn to understand foreign cultures, visiting in a Finnish home and a Finnish school.

There are many benefits to joining the SUMMER CAMP FINLAND. The children will grow more independent and confident while taking and overcoming challenges safely, under supervision in a foreign country. What’s more, they are guaranteed to have a lot of fun as well!

Our wonderful SUMMER CAMP FINLAND team is looking forward to seeing you here soon!